At this time of year, off-highway vehicles (OHVs), particularly ATVs, are commonly spotted roaming the prairie and rural regions. They're pretty much all over the place out there.

You might have an ATV on your farm or at a cabin, primarily utilized for yard work or recreational purposes, especially enjoyed by your children.

Many families find themselves in similar situations, and being in remote areas away from busy roads often leads to a more relaxed approach, provided there's proper instruction and supervision. However, what exactly is the minimum age requirement for ATV operation in North Dakota?

So, according to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, if you're cruising around on an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) like an ATV or UTV, there are some rules to follow.

Basically, you've got to be at least 12 years old and have an OHV safety certificate to ride legally. If you're under 16 and don't have a driver’s license or the safety certificate, you're limited to driving on your family's land or in organized OHV events.

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Youth OHV Safety Course

In North Dakota, Hands-on OHV safety certification sessions run from May to August, provided for free by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department. Register Online. 


Oh, and if you're under 18, don't forget your helmet—it's mandatory. Just keep in mind, ATVs and UTVs are all part of this OHV gang. And hey, adults, it's smart to keep that protection on too. Even if you're a seasoned rider, you never know what surprises might pop up on those trails. Stay safe out there!

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