Montana's got it all for dirt bike and ATV lovers, from the rugged sagebrush landscapes to the serene high mountain lakes. But hey, if you're planning to rev up your OHV (that's "off-highway vehicle" for the uninitiated), there are a few rules to keep in mind, especially when it comes to age.

So, how old do you gotta be to hop on one of these bad boys in Montana?

Well, if you're under 16 but at least 12, you're good to go as long as you meet a couple of conditions.

First off, you need to have completed an OHV safety education course approved by the FWP (that's the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks). Safety first, right? Plus, you gotta have a responsible adult with a valid driver's license riding shotgun. And of course, you'll need to stick to the trails or unpaved highways because street legal requirements don't apply here.

Now, if you're even younger than 12, you're not out of luck entirely. You can still hit the unpaved roads or highways, but only if you've got a grown-up along for the ride, and you're handling that OHV like a champ – safe and steady.


Just to clear things up, when we talk about OHVs, we're not just talking about your typical dirt bike or ATV. Nope, it includes all sorts of fun rides like motorcycles, quadricycles, dune buggies, and even amphibious vehicles. But sorry, snowmobiles and watercraft don't count in this off-road party.

Helmets must meet DOT or Snell standards and be worn by those under 18 who operate or ride a motorcycle or quadricycle on streets or highways.

So, whether you're tearing up the trails or cruising by those picturesque lakes, just remember to ride safe and have a blast out there in Montana's great outdoors!

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