Another splendid weekend unfolded in the northwestern region of North Dakota.

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The excitement began on Friday as I adorned my left knee with a new tattoo—a spooky spiderweb. Nestled just above, an elegant spider awaited her web's completion. This initial session laid the foundation, with plans to return in December for intricate shading and additional details. The artistic wizard behind this endeavor was Christina Matthews, a talented tattoo artist at Pretty in Ink in Williston.

Following this creative endeavor, I set out for a delightful evening with my friends, Jamie and Jason, who are visiting from Alaska. Our meeting point was the Ironhorse Kitchen + Bar in Minot, renowned for its burger selection. In a daring culinary decision, I ordered the "Best Morning Ever Burger," which featured a single patty adorned with ham, bacon, cheddar, a fried egg, peanut butter, and house-made strawberry jelly. Surprisingly, the fusion of peanut butter and jelly with a burger was a delectable triumph.

Saturday was a whirlwind of activities, commencing with two radio remotes. From noon to 2 pm, I broadcasted live at Conlin's Furniture, where a Wearhouse Liquidation sale was underway.

Subsequently, I found myself at the Williston Fairgrounds from 3:30-5:30, where the 11th Annual Bras for a Cause Bra Auction fundraiser took place. A special honor awaited me after the radio remote, as I donned a creatively decorated bra for the live auction, featuring a steampunk design and an accompanying hat. The winning bid for this unique creation reached $700, and all the funds raised from the event contribute to supporting cancer patients in the northwestern region of North Dakota.

On Sunday, my friend Mark and I took in an afternoon matinee to watch "The Killers of the Flower Moon." This cinematic masterpiece, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Lily Gladstone, is based on a compelling true story and book. While the film was undeniably superb, it did require a notable time commitment, running for a full three and a half hours. I anticipate that it will receive numerous nominations across various categories at the Oscars.

And that is it! I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks as always for looking at my five pictures!

-Mad Max

Mad Max's Weekend in 5 Pics 10/20-10/22

Gallery Credit: Mad Max

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