You might notice that Loaf 'N Jug stores in North Dakota and Montana are changing. EG America is selling 23 Loaf 'N Jug stores in North Dakota and Montana to BreakTime Corner Market (BTCM) .

The Houston, Texas-based company will acquire all 14 locations in North Dakota, including Minot, and nine locations in Montana, including those in Fairview and Sidney.

Bret Sullivan, BTCM’s regional operations director, will return to the area during the ownership transition. Sullivan and a colleague previously spent a week visiting all the stores being acquired.

Customers will begin to notice new signage and possibly some cosmetic changes this month, but there won't be many changes inside the stores.

One significant change will be the expansion of product offerings. “Loaf 'N Jug has uniform store policies,” Sullivan explained. “We offer more variety, so customers can expect a broader selection.” Store managers will have more flexibility in their operations.

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BTCM plans to introduce locally made products in each new store as a way to connect with the community.


BTCM has been growing through acquisitions. With stores in Kansas and Colorado, the move to North Dakota and Montana seemed like a natural expansion.

According to Sullivan, there will be no layoffs. “Everybody is staying on board,” he assured. “We want to maintain consistency because people don’t like changes in their convenience stores.”


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