If you've recently marveled at the remarkable taste of a "zero sugar" product, there may be an unexpected explanation behind it.

Pepsi has issued a recall for over 230 cases of Schweppes Zero Sugar Ginger Ale because, contrary to its labeling, it is packed with sugar.

Due to a mix-up, the product labeled as "zero sugar" actually contains full sugar. The recall impacts nearly 5,600 cans.

This incident goes beyond a mere sugar rush, as some individuals with medical conditions could be at risk by consuming these products. The error was uncovered during an international investigation, revealing the presence of full sugar in the product.

Check your fridge.

Consumers who suspect they've purchased one of these cases should check for the following sell-by-date and universal product code on the packaging: May 2024 MAY 2024 0520VS02164 and MAY 2024 0550VS02164.

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Similar to all recalls, individuals in North Dakota and Montana who have purchased these cases should dispose of them promptly, particularly if they need to monitor their blood sugar levels due to diabetes or other health concerns.

It's reassuring to note that, as of now, there have been no reports of injuries or illnesses associated with this recall. The FDA has not provided information on whether the affected cases have been removed from store shelves. Therefore, if you're planning to purchase Schweppes Ginger Ale, be sure to scrutinize the product codes before making your selection.

The recalled products have a sell-by date of May 2024. There's more information on the specific codes, here. If you DON'T have a reason to limit your sugar intake, it sounds like they're safe to drink.

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