North Dakota Tourism has just unveiled a treasure trove of enticing new travel guides designed to captivate adventurers and explorers alike! These freshly minted guides promise to whisk you away through the heart of North Dakota's diverse landscapes and vibrant culture.

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Leading the pack is the all-encompassing 116-page Travel Guide, brimming with stunning imagery and a wealth of information. From the state's captivating outdoors to its rich historical tapestry and warm community vibes, this guide aims to inspire your next adventure. With details on 250+ communities, it'll be in 225,000 spots like AAA offices and hotels.

But that's not all—check out North Dakota's exceptional hunting and fishing scenes with the expanded 2024 Hunting and Fishing Guide. Now 50,000 copies strong, the 2024 Hunting and Fishing Guide, highlights North Dakota's great outdoors. Plus, they've got two new publications for global travel businesses.

Sara Otte Coleman, Tourism & Marketing Division Director, emphasized the importance of printed guides, backed by positive feedback from last year's visitors. One traveler loved North Dakota's materials so much, they can't wait to come back!

To grab a guide or map, head to And keep an eye out for guides in the March issue of North Dakota Living, thanks to a partnership with North Dakota Rural Electric Cooperative!

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