Every state’s got that one deli everyone raves about. You know, like those famous diners you find all across the country? Well, in North Dakota, it’s all about Country House Deli, as per Business Insider. 

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This joint in Bismarck has been a local legend for over 40 years! Started back in '76, they kicked off as a cheese and sausage spot. But over time, they've morphed into this awesome place dishing out killer sandwiches, soups, salads, and doing some catering on the side. People go nuts for their Beer Cheese soup, it’s kinda their trademark.

And hey, when it comes to sandwiches and catering, Country House Deli consistently tops the charts. They snagged the Bismarck Tribune Best of the Best Deli Award in 2020.

And let’s be clear, they're not about shortcuts—no funky stuff like "meat jello," "bagged salads," or "soup-from-a-can." They’re all about the good stuff—top-notch meats and cheeses, homemade bread, and from-scratch soups and salads. That’s their game, setting them apart from those fast-food joints cutting corners.


Plus, they’re all about the local vibe. They get their kuchen, this German dessert, from Wagner's Wagon, a small outfit in Mercer. It's this awesome mash-up of cake and pie with creamy custard on top. North Dakotans love it.

Oh, and the drinks? They've got beer all day and Fiesta House Margaritas during Pub hours.

Yelp's full of love for these guys. Jen F. was in town for work and practically lived there. Quick service, tons of bread choices (she’s all about that dark rye and sunflower seed), and she’d totally tell you to swing by for a quick lunch in Bismarck.

And shoutout to these folks for being a U.S. Veteran Owned Business!

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