There's nothing like a good deli sandwich to fill you up. But where can you find the best sandwich in Montana?

Look no further than Missoula, Montana for the ultimate fix. The Food Network crowned Tagliare Delicatessen in Missoula as Montana's best deli.

Topping Business Insider and the Yelp charts for the best delis in the state, Tagliare Delicatessen is a standout choice.

With two bustling locations in Missoula, it's a cut above the rest, definitely not your average Subway footlong.

So, what sets Tagliare Delicatessen apart?

The heart of this New York-style Italian deli lies in its dedication to crafting gourmet sandwiches. Each bite bursts with freshness, using only the finest, specialized ingredients available.

Tagliare's claim to fame? Their sandwiches pay homage to legendary rock bands. From the Beach Boy to the Madonna, their creative menu is as delicious as it is eclectic.

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The sandwiches are nestled in rustic baguette bread delivered daily from Le Petit bakery, ensuring a taste of pure freshness with every order.

Freshness isn't just in the bread—every sauce is a daily creation, prepared to enhance the flavors of their culinary masterpieces.

Beyond sandwiches, Tagliare is a treasure trove—a specialty import market featuring a rich array of imported meats & cheeses and a collection of old-world wines.

Since 2009, Tagliare has filled a void in Missoula's culinary landscape with its Italian deli and import market.

The current owners take pride in their offerings, from the artisanal bread to house-made sauces, unique wines, and imported delicacies, ensuring each product embodies their passion.

Don't miss out on their made-to-order charcuterie boards, featuring an exquisite selection of imported cured meats and cheeses.

Keep in mind, though, this cozy deli doesn't have indoor seating or restroom facilities, so plan accordingly.

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