You may almost always see "Help Wanted" or "Now Hiring" signs outside of businesses. Many applicants aren't applying for traditional employment, despite the fact that businesses are looking to hire a ton of people. When I started to put this article together, I went to to see just who was hiring, and for what positions they need to fill. As of today, they have 1239 jobs that need to be filled.

With that in mind, I thought making a list of some unique and unusual employment opportunities could be useful, if not interesting. This might even assist you in finding what you're looking for in Williston if you're attempting to do something a little different.


1. Material Damage Field Claims Representative

This job opportunity is for the Williston area. It's a full time job that starts around $60,000/year. This job would be perfect for those can operate electrical devices, can stay organized, and has analytical skills. They do prefer a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience, and would prefer two or more years of related experience. When I had hail damage at my house, the claims representative used a drone to get some pictures. He even offered to let me fly it! That alone would have sold me if I needed a job!
Fire Sprinkler Technician

2. Fire Sprinkler Technician

This is a unique job opportunity available in Williston. It's a full time job that starts pays $25.00 - $28.00 an hour. This job includes servicing customers sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. You would also be servicing customers emergency and exit lights including required maintenance or repair. You would also perform some site surveys to educate customers of required related fire protection equipment. Just working on a sprinkler system screams interesting to me.
Horticulture Seasonal Staff

3. Horticulture Seasonal Staff

Who would not to work outside with vegetables, flowers and fruits? You can learn the basics of what grows well in our area, and how to take of it, all while getting paid. You would be working under both lab and field conditions in Williston and the Nesson Valley, but what you could learn from this job is unbeatable. This job pays between $29,500 and $37,400, and you would would work with staff from NDSU.


4. Communication Specialist (Williams County)

In order to raise public knowledge of Williams County's services, projects, and accomplishments, the Communications Specialist is in charge of creating and sharing information. You would create, edit, and update communication materials and publications such as posters, graphics, handouts, slideshow presentations, signs, photographs, and videos. You would be working had in had with county officials, and acts as the primary contact for media. It's a unique job, and you possibly be working with all of us in media. This is another job that offers great benefits, pays well, and is a unique listing for job seekers in the Mon-Dak region.
Account Executive

5. Radio Host/ Digital Content Writer - KEYZ

Speaking of working with media, we are hiring an on-air host! Along with great on-air skills, we're looking for a strong content creator and someone to be the champion of the station on the streets - you must be a 360 talent to propel our brand to new heights. Writing, talking, social media...we do it all. This is a rare and unique job opportunity, and having worked in radio since 1995, it really is a unique and amazing job.
Transportation Security Officer (TSO)

6. Transportation Security Officer (TSO)

TSOs are in charge of providing courteous and expert security and protection for passengers across all transportation sectors. Their responsibilities may also include protecting prominent people, events, and/or things that involve or have an impact on our transportation systems. This is definitely a unique job. If it came with lots of travel, I would submit my application now!
Airport Ramp Agent - XWA

7. Airport Ramp Agent - XWA

I am not going to lie. This is a tough job, but it is loaded with opportunity. Their responsibilities include: marshaling aircraft, loading/unloading and sorting freight and baggage, servicing the aircraft, assisting with pushback and towing, deicing and other duties as assigned. How cool would it be to work around airplanes every day? It says flight benefits! This job is part-time, but it offers a lot to the ones that are hired.
Full-Time Portable Toilet Route Driver

8. Full-Time Portable Toilet Route Driver

Unique...yup. The company that has this listing has been in the Williston area for ages. They are a reliable company that is looking to fill this position. This job involves working around human waste. Preferred, but not required certifications include One Basin One Way, PEC, H2S and confined space. This is definitely one of the most unique job listings for the Williston area.

Happy job searching and thanks for reading.

Please let us know if you are aware of any further interesting, underappreciated, quirky, or unusual employment in the area by sending me a message. Drop me an email at Thanks in advance!

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