Get ready, Williston – Lemonade Day is back for its 10th annual celebration on Saturday, May 18, 2024, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Raymond Family Community Center! Hosted by the Williston Chamber of Commerce, Lemonade Day is not just a fun event; it's a valuable program designed to teach youth about entrepreneurship and running their own business.

The Williston Chamber provides all the resources needed for a fantastic day, but the kids are the bosses! They venture out into the community, securing sponsors and investors, brainstorming original themes, creating tantalizing lemonade recipes, and designing eye-catching lemonade stands.

Over the winter, participants also had the opportunity to enroll in Lemon University, where they delved deeper into topics like business, financial literacy, communication, and marketing.


This year, Lemonade Day is taking on a fresh approach. Instead of dispersing maps to all the lemonade stands, a Junior Market will be held at the Raymond Center from 10:00am to 1:00pm. It's going to be a vibrant event featuring a ribbon-cutting ceremony, DJ, giveaways, and fierce competition for the day's highest sales.

Also new this year, kids can expand their lemonade stand offerings to include other products or even use their stand as a storefront for different services. From dog-walking services to homemade jewelry to homegrown fruits and vegetables, the possibilities are endless.

Lemonade Day is not just about selling lemonade; it's about instilling life skills, confidence, and a passion for innovation in our future leaders. And the numbers don't lie – studies show that today's young minds are eager to explore entrepreneurship, with a significant percentage more interested in starting their own business than climbing the corporate ladder.

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So, Williston, mark your calendars for May 18th and join us in supporting our young entrepreneurs as they embark on their journey towards success. Who knows – your kiddo could be running a lemonade stand today and launching a startup tomorrow. It's time to dream big and squeeze out every drop of potential!

This city-wide event would not be possible without sponsors. This is who has committed so far.

Main Squeeze Sponsor
Steel Reef

Best Entrepreneur Sponsor

Mic Drop Sponsor

Fresh Squeezed Sponsors
Rough Riders Propane
JE Dunn Construction
Energy API Williston Basin Chapter
Grayson Mill Energy
TA Express
Williston VFW

Lemon Drop Sponsors
C&D Water Services
Creedence Energy Services
Blue Cross Blue Shield North Dakota
Farmers Union Insurance Brittany Nash
Interstate Engineering
Apex Clean Energy
Homestead Wind
Busted Knuckle Brewery

Pucker Pal Sponsors
Western Cooperative Credit Union
DDD Auto Services

Video Sponsor
What's Happening in Williston

Location Sponsor
Williston Parks & Recreation District

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