Many of us are in the midst of spring cleaning, sorting through items we no longer need. Rather than just throwing everything away, consider if someone else could benefit from it.

The Williston Basin United Way is accepting donations for its annual community sale on Saturday, May 25. Front lobby doors and concessions open at 7:30a on May 25. The sale starts at 8:00am. Silent auction runs 8a-1p.

Now is the perfect time to clean out your garages and spare rooms and get a fresh start for summer. Drop off your donations May 20-May 24 at the west door of the Raymond Family Community Center in Williston during business hours, or in the designated containers after hours.

If you would like to make an appointment to have a piece of furniture moved to the Raymond Center, text or leave a voicemail at 701-334-1101 on or before May 21.

They're looking for gently used items such as furniture, clothing, household goods, exercise equipment, pet supplies, and outdoor or camping gear. No electronics or mattresses!


The best part about donating is that all proceeds support local social service and youth organizations in Williams, Divide, and McKenzie counties.

Here's a look at how your donations make a difference in our community:

Adult Learning Center Improves educational opportunities for adults with literacy challenges and expands adult education services.

American Red Cross Mid-Dakota Chapter Provides local disaster response, disaster preparedness/education, and community health and safety training.

Catholic Charities of North Dakota

  • Guardianship: Offers guardianship services to individuals with developmental disabilities who lack other resources.
  • Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption: Provides pregnancy counseling and arranges permanent placements for children in stable homes.

Community Action Partnership Combats poverty and promotes self-sufficiency through emergency services, client services, housing, and safe community initiatives.

Family Crisis Shelter

  • Family Bridges Visitation & Exchange Center: Ensures a safe environment for children to visit parents with a history of abusive behavior under trained supervision.
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Family Voices of North Dakota Advocates for family-centered care and medical homes for children with special health care needs by working with families, healthcare providers, and support groups.

Girl Scouts - Dakota Horizons Empowers girls by teaching life skills through activities that build courage, confidence, and character.

Great Plains Food Bank Distributes surplus food from the corporate food industry to food shelves, homeless shelters, and other charitable programs across North Dakota.

Lemonade Day Educates young people about business, economics, and free enterprise, administered by the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce.

Marketplace for Kids Encourages students to pursue entrepreneurship education and contribute to building stronger communities.

MonDak Gymnastics Support Group Promotes gymnastics and fosters healthy exercise and competition among youth.

Nexus-PATH Family Healing Provides foster care, independent living services for youth aging out of foster care, community mental health services, and residential treatment services.

North Dakota Senior Companions Offers service opportunities to individuals 55+ to support homebound, lonely, isolated, or disabled older adults.

Northern Lights Council, Boy Scouts of America Encourages entrepreneurship education and community building for students.

Northern Plains Children's Advocacy Center Supports children and families affected by child sexual abuse and other crimes through forensic interviews, family advocacy, crisis intervention, trauma therapy, public education, and law enforcement training.

The Salvation Army Provides worship services, character-building programs, social services, and disaster relief.

North Star Human Service/Foster Parent Program Offers foster care and works towards family reunification, recruiting and retaining quality foster homes.

Williston Council for the Aging Delivers meals and provides outreach to seniors over 60 and their caregivers in Divide, Williams, and McKenzie Counties, along with public transportation in Watford City and Williston.

For more information, visit Williston Basin United Way on Facebook.

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