South Dakota will host North Dakota State on Saturday, December 9 in the FCS College Football Playoffs – and some enterprising NDSU fans almost took away South Dakota's home field advantage.

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The pre-game buzz took an unexpected turn when NDSU fans discovered a backdoor entry to snag prime tickets for the anticipated match.

It all started after NDSU's triumph over Montana State. Eager Bison fans flooded the South Dakota athletics website armed with a leaked code: 'Playoffs.' This secret passcode unlocked the gateway to a presale purchase bonanza within the USD booster portal. No credentials required, just the magic word 'Playoffs.'

NDSU supporters quickly pounced on the opportunity, securing tickets for friends and family in anticipation of the showdown in Vermillion. However, the revelry was short-lived. USD's athletic department intervened swiftly upon discovering the influx of non-booster buyers, shutting down sales.

USD's social media team issued an apology, attributing the fiasco to a "glitch" in their ticketing system. South Dakota's director of ticket sales clarified that the presale option was exclusively reserved for Howling Club members, subsequently canceling the NDSU purchases.

After rectifying the situation, the presale tickets vanished in a flash. Still, discontent brewed among Bison supporters who felt excluded. Some voiced their dissent, accusing USD of attempting to keep the opposing team's fans away from their stadium.

This episode of gatecrashing fanatics isn't unique. Recall the Texas basketball turmoil in 2022, when ticket sales halted due to rival fans infiltrating their system, causing a similar uproar.

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