I've always had tendency to lean towards the positive and search for the magic in life--those moments that glitter and shine with the understated beauty that is all around us. 
I'm romantic at heart, constantly looking for the beauty that exists in each day. 
The main focus of romanticizing your life is discovering happiness, love, and peace within yourself. Miley Cyrus sings about it in her popular song Flowers.
Some of the lyrics are "I can buy myself flowers. Talk to myself for hours. Say things you don't understand. I can take myself dancing. And I can hold my own hand."

Whether or not you have a partner, you can romanticize your life in little ways all by yourself. The Everygirl suggests you spring forward with some minor life tweaks. You can check out the complete list of 50 Ways to Romanticize Your Life, but I'll share the ten that I like best:

  • Disconnect. Unplug from your socials, email, and phone altogether. Schedule an hour a day or one day a week where you’re totally without your tech
  • Drive for the sake of driving. Is it just me, or is ‘taking a drive’ a totally underrated form of therapy? I’ve found that I can sort out so much by getting in my car and heading out without a destination in mind.
  • Go on an adventure. Spring is the perfect time for road trips and spontaneous getaways. Brainstorm a trip you want to take with yourself, your SO, or your bestie. Whether that’s going camping or planning a staycation in your city, make it special. (And remember: that doesn’t have to mean expensive!)
  • Recommit to what you loved doing as a child. Whatever sparks joy in your life, follow that feeling.
  • Change up your space.  *Cue romcom apartment overhaul montage.* Would your bed feel better against the wall? Could you get more inspiration working in front of the window?
  • Look for hearts. My friend Jamie is the one who got me started with this. Now, when I go on my walks and move throughout my days, I’m on the hunt for hearts. I light up when I see a heart shaped rock, the child-drawn crafts in a neighbor’s window or the chalk art on the sidewalk. Get ready for your perspective to shift in profound ways.
  • Attend local festivals. In the spring, cities and towns across the country come alive with a range of outdoor festivals. From movies to art to the most random celebrations—they’re a perfect excuse to get outdoors and connect with your community.
  • Break out the nice stuff. That bottle of wine you’ve been saving? The china gifted from your grandmother? The dress you’ve been keeping for a special occasion? Drink it, use it, wear it. Don’t wait for a perfect moment -- that moment is now.
  • Buy Yourself those flowers. Like the Miley Cyrus song advises, don’t wait for someone else to shower you with flowers. Go to Country Floral, pick up a few bouquets, and DIY your own arrangement. After all, no one knows what you love like you.
  • Set the mood for dinner. Turn down the lights, turn up your favorite playlist, and whip up a meal just for you.

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