This weekend I was pretty active. There was a lot to see and do.

Saturday and Sunday mornings I always come into work to check on the station cats because Alley needs medicine twice a day for her hyperthyroid. If they aren't waiting at the door, this is how I usually find them.

They love the window
CC (left) and Alley (right) love the window!

Saturday morning after visiting the work cats I stopped by the Williston Downtowner's Association's Main Street Market. So much colorful produce was available! You can check out the market every Saturday through September 30th from 9:00am to Noon.

Gorgeous garden produce
Gorgeous garden produce at Main Street Market

Saturday afternoon I went to the Choke Cherry Festival at Davidson Park. I enjoyed the Basin Kruzer's classic cars, the All Star Stunt Dogs Show and the jump rope show by We Flip Entertainment. live music from DMJ (they did an excellent country version of Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance with Somebody). It was great to see so many people at the park. Went home with some take out from PD's Smoke Shack BBQ food truck (pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, potato salad & coleslaw).

Cool Low Rider Bicycle
Cool Low Rider Bicycle at the Choke Cherry Fest

Sunday finally got to see the Barbie movie. Even though it was a tad too long, it did not disappoint! There's a reason it's been number 1 at the Box Office for 4 weeks in a row. It's really well done. It reaffirmed my love for Barbie and for Ryan Gosling. The message I took from the film; life is beautiful and weird, sometimes it's confusing and hard, but it's a glorious adventure and you should always be yourself! Do what makes you happy. P.S. Can't wait for the Ken sequel!

Mom and I enjoyed the movie
Mom and I both enjoyed the movie

Have you seen the mural being done by Mindy's Murals at Winterton Suites in Williston? On Sunday I saw her outside painting, so I stopped to chat with Mindy and grab some photos. She said it usually takes her 7-9 days to complete a mural. She "takes what's in your head and paints it on your walls." Mindy is an artist from Junction City, KS, and has been hired to do murals in 9 states this summer. She said she'd like to do one in all 50 states. She's super talented!

The artist with her work
The artist with her work

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