Friday, February 23 is Curling Is Cool Day: Grab a broom, a stone, and get on the ice!

In North Dakota, curling is very popular. Our state has a notable interest in winter sports, and curling has found a following among residents. Curling clubs and facilities can be found in various communities, and the sport attracts both recreational and competitive participants.

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Did you know that Curling originated in Scotland? Curling is played on a rectangular sheet of ice, known as a curling sheet, with teams of four players each. It's like a mix of precision, strategy, and teamwork on ice.

Teams take turns sliding heavy stones towards a target area called the house. The goal is to get your stones closest to the center of the house to score points. Players use brooms to sweep the ice in front of the sliding stone, influencing its direction. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.


If you'd like to give it a try, the Williston Basin Curling Club currently has three nights of league Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The season runs from November to March.

Williston Basin Curling Club is getting ready to host the second bonspiel event of the year. Their February Bonspiel is Friday the 23rd at 7:00pm to Sunday the 25th (depending how many teams are signed up). It's an open format tournament.  Must be a 4-person team, any combination of men and women. The cost is $200 for a team. For more information or to register, call Travis 770-4002 or email


People from in town and out of town show up. Most people who participate have played before, but even beginners are welcome. And it's free to come and watch in person. Go to Building B at the Williston Upper Missouri Valley Fairgrounds.

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