Urgent Appeal: Warehouse Cats Need Homes!

Attention, everyone! Are you in need of shop or barn cats to tackle pest problems? Time is of the essence!

Animal Rescue and Retirement Ranch (ARRR) of Williston and Angel's Wish TNR  of Watford City have joined forces to address a large colony of 30 warehouse cats in Williston urgently require new homes. Many of the cats have found homes and here's an update on the story we brought to you last month.

ARRR and Angel's Wish remain steadfast in their commitment to finding suitable homes for all remaining warehouse cats. However, the grim reality remains that without suitable placements, euthanasia may become unavoidable. This is a scenario that everyone involved wishes to prevent.

Western Vet in Williston has been absolutely fantastic in helping to get these cats tested, treated, spayed and neutered. They are willing to keep helping.

Additionally, the situation has escalated as a farm that initially agreed to take in five cats has rescinded their offer, leaving the cats currently housed in cages in need of new roles as barn/shop cats. By the beginning of next week, it is anticipated that an additional five cats from the warehouse will also require placement. Time is running out, and urgent action is needed

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Here's the crucial part: while these cats may not have had much socialization, many, if not all of them, have the potential to become house cats. They are young, with some possibly as young as six months. Despite their circumstances, they are well-behaved and some are quite affectionate. What they need most urgently is homes.

Time is of the essence, and these remaining cats are in desperate need of assistance.

So, if you or anyone you know has a barn, shop, garden, lake house, or any property in need of rodent control, please direct them to ARRR immediately. Time is running out, and these cats desperately need your help. Let's ensure they have a chance at a better life.

Join the Mission to Save Warehouse Cats in Williston, North Dakota from Euthanasia

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