Hey, did you know that May 10 is National Clean Your Room Day? It's like a gentle nudge to spruce up our sanctuaries! You know, our bedrooms are meant to be cozy havens, but when clutter takes over, it's like the relaxation vibes just vanish into thin air.

And let's be real, decluttering can feel like a total chore. Ever found yourself staring at an item, unsure whether to keep it or chuck it? Or maybe you're more of a "out of sight, out of mind" type? It's a struggle we've all been through.

But fear not, because Jennifer Jarrett, has some stellar tips to share. I just read an article in Real Simple with the five things you can declutter from your bedroom without a second thought, according to Jarrett, professional organizer and founder of Jenuinely Contained.

1.Ripped Sheets or Blankets

Are your sheets or blankets ripped or stained? Toss them and treat yourself to something new. “A fresh set of sheets can instantly brighten a room or make the sleeping experience all that much more enjoyable. Old sheets and blankets can often be donated to a textile recycler or an animal shelter so they get a second use,” Jarrett says.

2.The Stack of Books on Your Nightstand

Does your nightstand look messy? According to Jarrett, nightstands tend to become drop zones for anything from around the bedroom, especially books. “Books that are next up, and next up after that, and so on can sit for months, even years untouched on a nightstand.”

To avoid this, make a plan. “Aim to keep no more than two books on your nightstand at a time and place the others in a bookcase. The decrease in visual clutter will make all the difference," Jarrett says.

3.Old Magazines

Whether they are in your closet, on your nightstand, or stashed in a drawer, you probably don’t need magazines that are years old. “Old magazines can tend to gather in any available corner, tabletop, or bathroom. Do a clean sweep and pitch them all," Jarrett recommends.

If there’s a recipe or article you want to keep, take a photo of the page with your phone. Then take the stack of magazines to the recycling bin.

4.Expired Makeup and Beauty Products

If you have a vanity in your bedroom, you probably have at least a few old lipsticks or liners that you purchased by mistake or simply aren’t your color anymore. Jarrett recommends inventorying these products and getting rid of anything expired. Check the chart for common makeup expirations.

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There should also be a number on the packaging which notes how many months the product should last after opening, but that information is only helpful if you remember when it was purchased.

“Most beauty products have a much shorter shelf life than we realize, so if you know that something is pretty old—it is likely long past its usage date,” Jarrett explains. “Old beauty products, especially ones that are not powder-based, can become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause infections. Don't risk it; nobody wants a case of pink eye!”
5.Old Socks
Search through your sock drawer. Does it look like things have seen better days? “Socks are an easy-to-replace, low-stakes item. Unlike your favorite shirt that you might want to have mended if it gets a hole, socks are a dime a dozen,” Jarrett says. “Toss anything that looks threadbare or has a hole in it and treat your tootsies to some new socks."
So, as National Clean Your Room Day rolls around, say goodbye to clutter and hello to a sanctuary that truly feels like home!

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