Have extra Halloween candy piling up? Consider donating it to service members and veterans.

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Candy buyback events offer a fantastic solution, especially after Halloween when your kids are left with bags of sugary delights. Typically organized by dentists, these events tackle the sugar overload while keeping those pearly whites in tip-top shape.

So, what goes down at these events? Kids bring their surplus Halloween candy and, in return, they score cool rewards! Think cash, small toys, school supplies, or vouchers for enjoyable experiences. It's like trading candy for treasures.

These events also have a heartwarming community aspect. They serve as a reminder that the sweetest rewards often come from giving back.

The collected candy doesn't go to waste. Instead, it often finds its way to various noble causes.

One shining example of this candy buyback initiative is Messer Dental in Williston, which has teamed up with Soldiers Angels for their annual Treats for Troops event. The goal is simple: make our service members feel like kids in a candy store.

Soldiers' Angels is all about providing aid, comfort, and resources to military personnel, veterans, and their families. Their mission, "May No Soldier Go Unloved," beautifully encapsulates their commitment.

Williston families burdened with too much Halloween candy can put their excess to good use. By donating it, kids may even earn some cool buyback prizes for their generosity, and families will receive a tax-deductible receipt for their contribution.

Bring your unopened Halloween candy to the Messer Dental office until November 6, and they'll buy it back from your kids, then send it off to our troops.

It's a sweet deal - $1 per pound (with a maximum of $5 per child). It's a win-win that ensures your excess candy puts smiles on the faces of our service members and veterans.

The office is located at 1307 15th Street West in Williston. If you have questions, call 701-774-0404.

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