Nothing beats the charm of a fresh Christmas tree lighting up your home during the holidays. But let’s face it, that tree's been chillin' outside and could've invited some tiny guests inside.

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According to Petri Pest Control Services Inc., the usual suspects found on Christmas trees, include aphids, beetles, mites, and other critters.

The bug experts have some tips about how to get rid of these Christmas critters. They include:

  1. Check for bird nests. They might be harboring bird mites, so best to evict them pronto.
  2. Tiny holes on the trunk? That's a pine bark beetle's calling card, so keep an eye out.
  3. Get that tree lot to give your tree a good shake to kick off any hitchhikers and loose needles.
  4. Before it enters your house, give that tree one more good shake for luck.
  5. Here's a hack: sprinkle some food-grade diatomaceous powder on the tree, then let it chill in the garage or outside for a couple of days to bug-proof it.
  6. One big no-no: don't even think about using spray pesticides indoors. They're flammable and definitely not window-friendly.

But hey, there's a workaround if bugs give you the creeps: snag a faux tree and bypass the critter concerns altogether. Your call!

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