Looking to strike it rich? GoBankingRates has crunched the numbers to see what it takes to hit the top 5% of earners in every state.

Well, if you've got dreams of wealth, West Virginia might just be calling your name. The lowest threshold is West Virginia, where a yearly haul of $329,000 lands you in the lap of luxury. Mississippi's not far off, clocking in at $334,000, with New Mexico trailing just a bit behind at $353,000.

Now, if you're shooting for the stars, you'll want to set your sights on Connecticut. There, the price of admission to the "rich" club hits a whopping $656,000 per year—nearly double what you'd need in West Virginia. New York and Massachusetts aren't far behind, demanding $621,000 and $617,000 annually, respectively.

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And speaking of ups and downs, let's talk about here in North Dakota. It's sitting at the bottom of the heap when it comes to income growth among the top 5%, with a paltry 14.68% increase over five years. While some states are riding high, North Dakota's economic ride looks more like a slow crawl.

North Dakota

  • 2022 Average Income of Top 5%: $418,541
  • 2017 Average Income of Top 5%: $364,954

Thanks to inflation and a bunch of other factors, the bar for wealth has shot way up. According to the report, folks in that top 5% bracket are pulling in about 30% more cash than they were back in 2017. So, if you're gunning for riches, you might need to aim a little higher these days. Montana faired better than North Dakota on the list. Check its  Elite status here.

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