Ready to make a real difference for our furry pals? Join Mondak Animal Rescue Shelter for the Cat Neuter Clinic with Western Vet on December 6th, 2023.

Why should you be a part of it? Well, they're offering awesome discounts on neutering and vaccinations for your male cats. It's a win-win—boosting your cat's health while helping manage our local cat population.

The reduced cost is $70 for the neuter clinic and $15 per vaccination.

Neutering male cats in North Dakota brings a bunch of perks:

First off, it's a big win for managing the cat population. You know, keeping those kitty numbers in check can really help tackle the issue of strays and feral cats wandering around. And in a place like North Dakota, where resources might be stretched thin, that's a big deal.

Plus, there are health benefits for these guys. Neutering lowers the chances of certain health problems, like testicular cancer and some infections. It can also calm down those macho behaviors, like roaming and fighting, making them less likely to get into scraps or catch diseases.

And speaking of behavior, it tends to tone down the territorial stuff, like spraying urine everywhere. So, if you've got a cuddly tomcat at home, it might just make him even more lovable without those territorial habits.

Not to mention, it's a win for the community too. With fewer strays and less aggressive behavior, it's safer for both people and other animals.

Spots are limited. There's a non-refundable deposit needed to secure your reservation. It helps cover the event costs, so they can keep doing this great work.

Swing by the shelter during business hours Tuesday-Friday 1pm-5pm, and sign up your male cat.  Be a part of the change!

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