Hey there, North Dakota and Montana consumers!

If your breakfast sausage seemed a bit rubbery this morning, there's a reason behind it. You might have been munching on rubber...

Johnsonville has issued a recall of 35,000 pounds of sausage after some customers discovered rubber pieces in it. This recall specifically affects Johnsonville Polish Kielbasa Turkey sausage, primarily enjoyed as a dinner option.

The potentially affected sausages were distributed to stores nationwide, so regardless of where you purchased them, please take heed.

Check the label for the number "P-32009" and look out for best by dates of May 17th and May 18th. 

If your package bears this number and one of those dates, it's best to return it to the place of purchase. Otherwise, if your sausage package doesn't match these details, you can rest assured that it's free of any rubbery surprises.

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