Comedian Red Skelton said it best, "North Dakota is the only place I've been where I didn't have to look up to see the sky."

North Dakota is a great place to enjoy the beautiful outdoors all year round. It's the home of 4 Parks that are listed with the National Park Service. We have National Historic Sites at Fort Union Trading Post and The Knife River Indian Villages, plus The Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail, The North Country Scenic Trail and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Have you attended a Living History Weekend, The Medora Musical or hiked a scenic trail? Are there changes or improvements that you think should be made? The National Park Service wants to hear from you.

The public is being asked to provide input on any ideas you might have on future improvement plans for the parks. The input is part of the park’s Revitalization Plan and Environmental Assessment, which involves potential improvements to the park’s facilities and infrastructure.

The plan will address all of the park’s needs for the next 30 years and beyond. Two meetings were held to discuss the park’s plans; an online meeting on August 23 and an in-person meeting in Watford City on August 24 at the Watford City Civic Center.

If you were unable to attend those meetings, you can still voice your concerns and share your ideas for improvements, but time is running out, the deadline to submit comments is September 14th. You can find more information online at

Your input matters. Our state parks are important. Parks are where we discover history; the stories of places and people, we explore nature, and they're a wonderful place for
educators and kids. We need to preserve them for future generations.


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