While many people tend to flee from mysterious sounds in the darkness, the Paranormal Investigators of North Dakota, often referred to as ghost hunters, take a different approach.

Their mission is to venture into places that are said to be haunted due to unexplained paranormal activity. These investigators typically work in teams and meticulously investigate reported phenomena. They diligently search for logical explanations before turning to more advanced equipment.

Equipped with high-tech devices such as thermal imaging cameras, temperature meters, electromagnetic meters, and Geiger counters, these teams remain at their chosen locations for extended periods. Their aim is to observe and document any unusual occurrences. Afterward, they analyze the collected data to either support or debunk the existence of paranormal phenomena.

The Paranormal Investigators of North Dakota, based in Minot, travel across the state to explore sites rumored to be haunted. Their investigations have taken them to various places in Williston, including the bowling alley, the James Memorial Art Center, and even the Townsquare Media radio stations.

During one of their visits to Williston, they spent an extensive amount of time in our building, conducting audio recordings and setting up surveillance cameras. Ultimately, they determined that the location was "haunted" after encountering strange events.

For those intrigued by the paranormal, the Paranormal Investigators of North Dakota invite you to join them for a thrilling evening in Medora. On Friday, October 13th, Mystic Medora will host a panel discussion at the Billings County Courthouse Museum, followed by a $10 flashlight tour of the museum.

Spirit box sessions will be held at the Western Edge Bookstore, and you can enjoy a paranormal-themed drink at the Little Missouri Saloon & Dining while watching their live investigations on Facebook.

The team will spend the night exploring various locations, including the Little Missouri Saloon & Dining, Billings County Courthouse Museum, Amble Inn & Western Edge Books, Artwork, and Music, and Chateau De Mores State Historic Site.

An event worth the road trip! For more information and details about this spine-tingling event, you can contact them at pindminotnd@gmail.com.

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