As a child, diving into books was a joyous escape. I remember getting lost in the adventures penned by Shel Silverstein, The Brothers Grimm and Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew mystery series.

International Children’s Book Day is on April 2nd. A day to celebrate the profound impact that reading has on young minds. Research consistently highlights the myriad benefits of cultivating a reading habit from an early age.

Using Google Trends Data, experts from ABCmouse have delved into the reading preferences of various regions. These insights not only shed light on the favorite book series in each state, but also on the enduring popularity of renowned authors such as Dr. Seuss.

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The Harry Potter book series might have had a spell on kids born in the 90’s, but is it still popular with children today?  Interestingly, it still remains a topic of discussion and holds the number one spot in seven states, including Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

Google Trends Data revealed North Dakota kids favor The Boxcar Children. I have to admit, I had never heard of this series before. As per Wikipedia, "The Boxcar Children" is a children's book series created by American teacher Gertrude Chandler Warner in 1924. It follows the adventures of four orphaned siblings—Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden—who create a home in an abandoned boxcar. They later meet their wealthy and kind grandfather. Throughout the series, they embark on various adventures and solve mysteries in their neighborhood and beyond.

For generations, Dr. Seuss's whimsical rhymes and imaginative tales have been instrumental in shaping the literary landscape for children nationwide. His literary legacy continues to captivate young readers. ABCmouse examined this popularity a little more closely to determine his most popular books in every state, with "There's a Wocket in My Pocket" claiming the top spot in North Dakota.

In our fast-paced digital age, fostering a love for reading is crucial. Local libraries play a role in this endeavor, serving as gateways to a world of knowledge and imagination.

As we celebrate International Children’s Book Day, let's not only champion beloved authors but also encourage children to explore the wonders of their local libraries, where endless tales and adventures await.

Interested in discovering the favorites of kids in Montana? Explore the study here.

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