So did you find yourself giving the title of this story an immediate second look?

I don't blame you, within a second or two after I saw this flyer I was intrigued. "Death By Chocolate" - I didn't know what to make of it, at first I kind of assumed it was an annual memorial for a loved one ( who maybe loved chocolate?) -  my eyes skimmed down the flyer and read all the amazing things in store for anyone interested in being in Williston on February 11th, at James Memorial Art Center -  621 1st Ave West - starting at 7 pm. I couldn't take any longer so I picked up the phone and called Kenley Nebeker. He and Tara Erickstad are putting on something special that will reward others.

"Ok, my first question is quite simple, what does "Death By Chocolate" mean?"

Kenley is a smart man, he knew by the tone of my voice I was going to ask him that. So the hook is that about 99% of all mankind loves chocolate, and for many, I'm guessing, passing away due to an overload of the good stuff would be the way to go.....he was kidding of course. Now check out the flyer down below - this event is first-class with samplings from 15 +local chefs and restaurants. Put it this way, if you choose to attend, Kenley told me you will  "Sample the best chocolate desserts in the Bakken".

Here is the best thing of all

All the money raised will go to future scholarships - helping those who don't qualify for help from the government - those that don't make enough money to pay for the training themselves. Check out some of the interesting lines of work - CDL - commercial driver's license - Crane operator - - Certified Nursing Asst...YOU can learn how to be a DRONE PILOT  ( for work )

Now that I have you in the mood for chocolate, DON'T MISS THIS EVENT!

Tara Erickstad
Tara Erickstad

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