Here's something you may not know about me, I'm a huge fan of Strongman/Strongwoman competitions. I've been watching them on ESPN since the 1990's. But it's so different when you watch one live and in person. You really get to behold the raw strength and power of the athletes, it's so exciting! That's why the past four years I've attended the North Dakota Strongest Man and Woman Competition held in Williston.

Full Circle Strength Systems of Williston is gearing up to hold the event again on Saturday, March 11 at the Raymond Family Community Center. Area athletes gather to compete in 5 events. Awards are given out for 1st - 3rd place per class. Come and cheer on the athletes as they compete in the following events.

EVENT 1 – MAX WHEELBARROW DEADLIFT - Athlete will start with hands on the implement, facing toward the wheelbarrow, and have 60 seconds to lockout a complete rep. Last man standing rules.

EVENT 2 - ARM OVER ARM SLED PULL – Sled will be weighed down with various kegs/weights. A time will be taken once the sled is pulled completely across the 60' course. 60 sec time limit. Fastest time OR longest distance recorded wins, pending the athlete cannot finish the event.

EVENT 3 – LOG CLEAN AND PRESS FOR REPS – Athlete will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible. Men and women will use 12" logs.

EVENT 4 - CARRY/PUSH/PULL MEDLEY – 75 sec time limit. Athlete will carry a keg 60' and load it onto a sled, then push the sled 60' back to the designated start line (only the front of the sled must cross) where they will then pull an anchor chain 60' to a designated finish line (entire chain must cross the line to record a time). Fastest time OR longest distance recorded wins.

EVENT 5 – KEG OVER BAR – Athlete will have 60 seconds to carry and load 3 kegs over a 48" bar (yoke). Kegs will be 20', 15' and 10' from the loading bar (yoke) with the lightest being the farthest away. Athletes must carry and load in order of longest to shortest distance from the bar (yoke).

Athlete weigh-ins on Friday, March 10th 8am-12pm AND 4pm-7pm at Full Circle Strength Systems - 412 47th St W, Williston. Event doors at the Raymond Center will open to spectators Saturday March 11 at 9:00am ($10 fee at door), food and beverage sales inside building. Kids 12 and under are free. Competition starts at 10:00am.

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