Thinking of adopting a kitten? Consider adopting two together! If you have no other cats at home, consider adopting a pair of kittens instead of a single animal. Littermates tend to be especially compatible and will have each other to keep company and grow old with. Adopting two kittens that are the same age is preferable than adding another kitten or adult in the future because they will be maturing and adjusting to their new home together.

If you think you'll want two cats in the future anyway, consider committing to two now so that introducing a new kitten to an existing cat in a household is not a potential problem in the future.

When you listen to the Big Butt Morning Show you know that I am a huge advocate for adopting animals from local rescues. One local rescue that I mention on Whisker Wednesday is Angel's Wish TNR of Watford City. The non-profit organization helps the high number of lost and abandoned cats in Watford City.

Angel’s Wish's Cat of the Week is actually 2 kittens. Gabby is a short-haired brown tabby, and brother Joey is a ball of black fluff.  Both came to Angel's Wish half wild, but are being fostered and have tamed down beautifully.  They are about 8 or 9 weeks old and will be ready for adoption after being fixed and vaccinated on May 30. To meet either of them call or text 701-300-3930. Angel’s Wish has many other kittens, as well as 4 very sweet mom cats. For information on them call or text 701-570-4513

Angel's Wish currently has multiple cats that they are trying to place in forever homes. Tractor Supply of Watford City is a collection spot for supply donations. If you are shopping and pick up some cat supplies be sure to tell the clerk that you want to donate to Angel's Wish.

Another excellent way to get involved is by fostering and volunteering. Come and hang out with the cats. Just an hour out of your day would mean so much! It gets them out of their cages and helps with socialization and trust.

Besides adopting, volunteering and donating, the best way you can support them is by spaying and neutering your pets in order to help control the pet population. Spaying and neutering saves lives. Each year, 6-8 million dogs and cats are turned in to or are  picked up by shelters and pounds in the US. Over half of the healthy, adoptable animals are euthanized. Over a 7 year period, 1 female cat + 1 male cat + their offspring can produce 420,000 cats. Over a 6 year period, 1 female dog + 1 male dog + their offspring can produce 67,000 dogs. Please...Be part of the solution. Spay and Neuter.

If would like to adopt a cat, call or text Barbara Phillips at 701-570-4513.

The best part about adopting is when you adopt one cat, you are actually saving two because Angel's Wish is able to take another into their care. There is always something happening and as a non-profit organization they rely on community support. They are so appreciative of volunteers and donations. They operate on donations only. Angel's Wish TNR has been run by Barbara Phillips and Ardith Favorite since 2019. Two people in the community who saw a need and they did something about it.

If you would like to donate to help Angel's Wish click the links below. Your donations are tax deductible.

If you see an animal in need, be the one to help. We are all capable of rescue.

Gabby and Joey Cats of the Week at Angel's Wish in Watford City

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