Summer is a season many of us look forward to, and watching the sunrise during these warm months is a tradition celebrated by cultures worldwide. In honor of this tradition, Mixbook conducted a survey of 3,000 respondents to identify the best spots in the country to witness a summer sunrise, based on personal experiences.

Guess what?

Theodore Roosevelt National Park snagged the top spot in North Dakota! The survey aimed to find the best sunrise locations across the country and highlighted several gems within our state.


North Dakota's Top Summer Solstice Sunrise Spots:

#67 Theodore Roosevelt National Park
The park’s North and South Units offer breathtaking sunrise views over the rugged Badlands. Oxbow Overlook is a favorite spot among visitors for its stunning vistas.

#76 Lake Sakakawea
As one of the largest man-made lakes in the U.S., Lake Sakakawea provides spectacular sunrise views over its expansive waters. The Garrison Dam and surrounding recreation areas are prime vantage points.

#122 Sheyenne National Grassland
This vast grassland offers serene sunrise views over rolling prairies, making it a perfect setting for a peaceful morning.

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Check out Mixbbook's complete list here.

North Dakota is known for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets all summer long. Whether you're an early riser or prefer the quiet beauty of a sunset, there are countless opportunities to enjoy the vibrant colors that paint our skies. So find a spot, and soak in the natural beauty that our state has to offer.

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