Holiday cheer is priceless. The holiday lights? Not so much.

Ever wondered about the price tag twinkling behind those festive lights?

The team at Mr. Electric, an electrical repair company, took it upon themselves to dive into the cost of our festive obsession: holiday lights! They wanted to know just how much we're dishing out to keep those twinklers going throughout the season.

Using data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, they crunched numbers to see just how much it sets us back. Imagine this: lights shining bright for 7 hours daily from Thanksgiving till the New Year.

So, what’s the scoop for North Dakota?

Well, if you're into the classic incandescent lights:

  • For those with 'typical' decor: about $19.
  • Heavy on the decorations? That’s around $203.
  • And if you're all-in, super enthusiastic? Hold onto your hat—$548!

But wait, here's the twist! Enter LED lights:

  • 'Typical' usage? Only about $3.
  • Stepping up the game? That's about $27.
  • Full-blown enthusiast? Around $71.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. By switching to LED lights, the average North Dakota decorator could save roughly $16. But if you're the full-blown, holiday-obsessed type, your savings skyrocket to about $478!

Check out how they define different decorators and how much our neighbors in Montana spend on holiday lights in the full dataset.

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