July 7th is National Dive Bar Day. I love a good dive bar!

Dive bars are the renegades of the bar world, rocking a vibe that screams "come as you are." In practically every town, there's that spot where folks gather to shoot the breeze or kick back, embodying the genuine spirit of the community they call home.

Dive bars are no-frills fun-It's all about the basics: good drinks, maybe some decent bar grub, and possibly a jukebox that's older than your grandma. But hey, that's part of the charm!


Tucked away in the heart of Missoula, Montana lies The Rhinoceros, a hidden gem celebrated as the quintessential dive bar.

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According to Mediafeed.org, what truly sets The Rhinoceros apart is a staggering lineup of more than 50 beers on tap.


Wait, there's more! If beer isn't your go-to, immerse yourself in their extensive collection of single-malt Scotches, a treasure trove for the whisky connoisseur.

But it doesn't stop there. They also serve some some serious craft cocktails.

Not enough? OK, how about daily drink specials. And take advantage of free pool and shuffleboard on Sundays.


No? Fine. Rhinoceros Wine & Spirits Catering services are available for a wide variety of functions: weddings fundraisers, banquets, holiday parties, concerts, reunions, sporting events, private scotch/bourbon tastings, and other occasions.

No wonder it's considered Montana's favorite watering hole! The Rhinoceros isn't just a dive bar; it's an institution.

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