Happy National Pizza Day! Should it really be this Sunday though? We're about to order a LOT of it.

Domino's alone expects to sell around TWO MILLION pizzas for the Super Bowl this year. That's 30% more than a normal Sunday. Wings are a popular Super Bowl option too.  Buffalo Wild Wings says they'll sell around 11 million, making it their biggest wing day of the year.

GrubHub says cheese pizza sees a bigger bump in sales than any other food during the Super Bowl, up 624%.  Boneless wings are next at 615%.

But back to pizza:  Here are a few more stats and facts for National Pizza Day . . .

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According to Pizza Hut's annual "Pizza Report, on average, Americans devour pizza three times a month, savoring a total of eight slices.

Top pizza-eating states include North Dakota, New York, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Pepperoni still reigns supreme as the most frequently ordered topping. Thin crust is now the reigning champion, winning 28% of the vote.

MarquezBlake-Getty Stock / ThinkStock
MarquezBlake-Getty Stock / ThinkStock

Is Friday your family's go-to pizza night? You're not alone! Friday takes the crown as America's favorite day to order a slice.

There are approximately 70,000 pizzerias across the United States. Everybody has an opinion on local pizza places, but in North Dakota, Domino's reigns supreme as the state's favorite national brand, according to researchers at ShaneCo., who tracked Google Trends data from the last year.

Digital Team-Ljupco
Digital Team-Ljupco

So, whether you're a thin crust enthusiast or you love a good New York-style slice, let's celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9th with a cheesy, saucy extravaganza!

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