You know what's funny? When Daylight Saving Time says its goodbyes and we're left with shorter days and longer nights, something magical happens in our kitchens. It's like our snack radars go on high alert, and suddenly, the call for nighttime munchies is irresistible.

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Is it dark already? Must be time for chips and candy, right?

In fact, a recent survey spilled the beans that a whopping 79% of folks confess they go all-in on the nighttime snacking as the sun's curfew gets earlier. When the sun sets at 5:00pm, we eat like bears.

Now, let's talk about what's on our plates when the moon is the only light in the room. Here's the breakdown of America's favorite midnight snacks:

Ice Cream (31%): When it's dark and chilly outside, it seems the go-to solution for many is a big bowl of ice cream. That sweet, creamy goodness just hits the spot, making it the ultimate late-night comfort food.

Cookies (24%): Ah, cookies! They've got that unmistakable magnetic pull, whether they're freshly baked or store-bought. It's like a secret code: "When it's dark, it's cookie time."

Chips (21%): Crunchy, salty, and available in more flavors than you can count, chips are the reliable partner for those late-night binge-watching sessions. They're the silent heroes of snacking.

Popcorn (11%): Popcorn is like the angel on our shoulder when we want to keep things light and airy (pun intended). Plus, it's the perfect movie night companion. And who can resist those movie theater butter vibes at home?

Candy (9%): For the sweet tooths out there, candy is the ultimate savior. Gummy bears, chocolates, or whatever tickles your fancy - it's like a quick sugar fix for those late-night cravings.

Veggies (3.5%): Surprise, surprise! A small but mighty group of night owls is making the healthy choice by munching on veggies. Maybe they're onto something, balancing the late-night indulgence with some carrot sticks or celery.

As the days get shorter and the nights stretch on, it seems we're all embracing the inner comfort foodie and hibernating with snacks.

Would you look at that, it's snack-thirty already! How many cookies equal an extra hour of sleep? -Asking for a friend.

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