You know what they say, a good laugh can brighten anyone's day!

I mean, who doesn't love a good laugh, right?

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Shiny Smile Veneers went on a quest to uncover which U.S. cities and states have the best sense of humor. They crunched numbers, analyzing everything from comedy club density to search volumes, creating a 'funny score' for the top 25 cities and all 50 states.

And guess what? The results are in!

Drumroll, please! Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois take the cake as the funniest states, while North Dakota sadly landed the title of the least funny state. Sorry, North Dakotans, but don't lose hope! There's plenty of laughter waiting for you in these top-ranked funny destinations.

Want to know where the giggles are? Well, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco topped the charts as the funniest cities. And get this: Eddie Murphy's 'Raw' and 'Delirious' took the crown for the most searched comedy specials nationwide.

How did they measure it? Their secret recipe for ranking the funniest places included the number of comedy clubs, comedy festival presence, famous comedians' roots, and even how much people in each place search for comedy specials. It's a mixed bag of laughter they put together using IMDB, Vulture, Badslava, and and even peeked at Google searches.

Whether you're in a comedy haven or a less funny zone, there's always space for a good chuckle. So, pack your sense of humor, hit those top-ranked cities, and get ready to laugh your socks off.

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