Soft blankets in winter are a solace—they offer warmth against the cold, bring a soothing texture that relaxes, and provide a sense of coziness and security during the longer nights of the season.

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As winter draws near, Watford City's McKenzie Electric Cooperative, Inc, is on a heartwarming mission to bring comfort to elders in need. Throughout December, MEC welcomes new or gently used blankets to distribute warmth and kindness to elder care residents within the service area.

This initiative, though simple, carries immense significance. It's about collecting blankets to offer a cozy embrace to those who often face the chilly season with longing for warmth. The aim is clear: no elder should endure winter feeling cold or isolated.

But it's more than just providing physical comfort; it's a reminder to our elders that they hold a treasured place in our community's heart.

To participate in this year's blanket drive by December 20th, simply Watford City's McKenzie Electric Cooperative at the easily accessible McKenzie Electric Cooperative Headquarters in Watford City, found at 3817 23 Ave NE.

Even the smallest gestures of kindness have the power to provide immense comfort, security and joy to those who are in need.

For further information or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact MEC at 701-444-9288 or via email at Your participation can make an extraordinary difference in someone's winter.

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