It was an intensely cold weekend in NW North Dakota, with a wind chill warning in place. The wisest choice was to stay indoors and enjoy a leisurely weekend of dog sitting.

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I immersed myself in a Hulu binge-watch of "The Act." The series follows Gypsy Blanchard, a girl striving to break free from her overprotective mother's toxic grip. Her pursuit of independence unveils a Pandora’s box of secrets, ultimately leading to a shocking murder. Featuring performances by Patricia Arquette and Joey King.

Engaged in a home workout sessions this weekend. I've recently stumbled upon Nike's 10-minute workouts on NETFLIX and have found great enjoyment in incorporating them into my routine.

I tuned in to my nephew Corban's hockey games in Grand Forks via Facebook Live. He played with heart and achieved two goals, a number of assists, and a penalty between a trio of games this weekend.

A shopping excursion to Maurices on Saturday resulted in the unexpected purchase of shorts, adding a touch of irony on the cold weekend.

On Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, I tackled work tasks and spent time with the station cat CC. I also adorned the Dakota Country studio with new cow decorations.

A visit to M&H for fuel turned into a lighthearted moment as I discovered a cup of noodles frozen mid-air, a comical effect of the extreme cold.

Thanks for checking out my pics! - Mad Max

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