You know those marshmallow Peeps? Love 'em or hate 'em, they've been around forever! Can you believe they're celebrating their 71st anniversary this year? According to stats from WalletHub 1.5 billion Peeps are eaten at Easter.
Personally, I'm all about those purple bunny Peeps. And when they release new flavors, even the weirdest ones, count me in! Speaking of new flavors, for 2024, they've got S'mores, Rice Krispies, Sour Strawberry, and ICEE Blue Raspberry.

Have you seen all the Peeps collectibles out there? I stumbled upon Peeps cookie cutters, bunny-shaped pancake skillets, a whole Peeps Milkshake Kit, and even Peeps bibs for babies at the store the other day. They're just too cute to resist!

Now, here's something cool for parents and kids alike – meet Peep on a Perch, the springtime companion to Elf on a Shelf! It comes with its own storybook, just like the Elf, making sure kids are on their best behavior before the Easter Bunny hops on over with treats.

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Peep on a Perch is a big hit this year for Easter baskets. The plush toy chick comes with a picture book that tells how it helps the Easter Bunny with egg decoration and filling baskets. Just like Elf on the Shelf, parents can move the Peep around the house to keep an eye on things and encourage good behavior leading up to Easter.

If you're interested in getting your hands on Peep on a Perch or checking out some fun Easter recipes and crafts, head over to It's where all the Peep-tastic fun begins!


Peeps for Your Dog...Yes, it is a real thing!

They aren't full of marshmallows but they are just as colorful as a real Peep. (And your dog would probably love to tear these to shreds!)

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

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