The Williston Fire Department (WFD) recently responded to a critical incident involving a single tractor-trailer rollover carrying hazardous material. Dispatched to the area of 146th Avenue NW and 38th Street NW in McKenzie County, the WFD, alongside other emergency services, sprang into action.

Collaborative Efforts of WFD, Alexander Fire Department, and McKenzie County Sheriff's Office

Upon arrival, it was discovered that the tractor-trailer was leaking condensate, a hazardous material, prompting immediate action to contain the spill. The WFD, in collaboration with the Alexander Fire Department and McKenzie County Sheriff's Office, swiftly initiated traffic control, crash investigation, and hazardous material containment procedures. The response involved the activation of the WFD and Williams County Emergency Management Hazardous Materials Response Team, with specialized units such as Tender 3, HazMat 1, and Special Ops 1 deployed to mitigate the situation.

Effective Response: Plugging the Leak and Safely Managing Spilled Product

Through coordinated efforts, the first responders successfully plugged the leak and reduced the spilled product, preventing further environmental damage. Subsequently, HazMat units provided essential support services while recovery crews managed the safe offloading of the remaining product and the removal of the damaged vehicle.

Fortunately, despite the severity of the incident, only one individual sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was promptly transported to CHI St. Alexius - Williston for treatment.

Clarification on WFD's Mutual Aid Role and Incident Jurisdiction

While the WFD provided crucial mutual aid support, it's important to note that they were not the primary agency with jurisdiction over the incident. For further details, interested parties can reach out to McKenzie County Emergency Management or the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality.

The efficient and coordinated response by the Williston Fire Department and collaborating agencies exemplifies their dedication to safeguarding public safety and mitigating the impact of hazardous material incidents in the community.

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