In the near future, residents of North Dakota might need to seek out a new go-to spot for filling up their tanks. A major gas station operator has officially announced intentions to shut down 1,000 locations.

Have you caught wind of the news about Shell?

So, get this - Shell's planning to close down nearly 1,000 gas stations across the U.S. over the next couple of years. Yep, you heard that right!

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Now, here's the scoop - they're doing this to focus more on setting up electric vehicle charging stations. Quite the shift, huh? Shell operates in all 50 states, with the exception of Montana, where they don't have any locations. But here's the thing, they haven't exactly told us which stations they're shutting down. A bit of a mystery, isn't it?

Now, let's talk local. Here are the North Dakota towns and cities where you'll find Shell stations:

  • Bismarck (4)
  • Devils Lake (1)
  • Dickinson (1)
  • Fargo (1)
  • Garrison (1)
  • Jamestown (1)
  • Mandan (1)
  • Minot (3)
  • Steele (1)
  • Washburn (1)

So, if you're a regular at any of these spots, keep your eyes peeled for any changes. Who knows, we might be seeing more electric charging stations popping up around here soon!

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