It's been scorching lately with temperatures hitting the 90s. Staying hydrated in this heat is a must. Hot tea on a hot day, though? No thanks, that’s not my idea of cooling down! You’d think a hot drink would make you hotter, right? But here’s a twist: hot tea actually DOES cool you off on a hot day.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true! Drinking something hot can make you sweat more, and when you sweat more, it cools you down better than a cold drink.

William Kornrich, an internal medicine specialist at NYU Langone Medical Associates - Riverhead, explained to Axios. that this works as long as you're not overdressed and the humidity isn’t too high, since sweat needs to evaporate to cool you down.

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So, listen to your body! "Water is wonderful," says Kornrich, but if you’re working up a sweat, try adding some electrolyte drinks to the mix.

Need more cooling tips? Try using ice or a cold compress on areas where veins are more prominent, like your groin and underarms.


And if you start feeling cold and pale, have a rapid or weak pulse, muscle spasms, dizziness, or nausea, get out of the sun and hydrate—those are signs of heat exhaustion.

I’m still a bit skeptical about hot tea on a hot day, though. What about you?


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