It’s Labor Day weekend … which pretty much means summer is behind us and fall is up ahead. January is typically the time for resolutions, but fall is often a time of fresh starts. Could now be a time to “fall into good habits”?

Resolutions can be a bit sketchy. You might have good intentions to be healthier and more productive, but we all know that these efforts often sputter within a month or so – and old habits roll on.

Instead of trying to improve yourself, how about trying something new? Literally.

How about doing something that you’ve never tried over the next 12 months? How about shaking things up and getting out of your comfort zone?

You can try a new hobby – that involves meeting totally new people.

You can attempt an event – that you know you will fail at.

While this might not sound fun, it might be just the sort of thing to sharpen your mind and body – and get you engaged in a way that won’t allow you to continue just drifting through your days on autopilot.

What’s a bold skill, hobby, stunt or adventure that would definitely get you out of your comfort zone?

Any chance of you making a run at this in the next year? If not, why? What would be your excuse – or excuses?

When was the last time you did something that – at the very least – had you surrounded by and interacting with new people? It seems like there would be a lot of benefit to doing more of these sorts of things, no?

It can be trying something big like skydiving or something small, like trying a new food. Try ax throwing, ice skating, curling, lutefisk or painting. Just go for it!

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