If you listen to the Big Butt Morning Show you know that I am a huge advocate for adopting animals from local rescues. One local rescue that I mention on Whisker Wednesday is Angel's Wish TNR of Watford City. The non-profit organization helps the high number of lost and abandoned cats and is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals and to the promotion of their adoption program.

I'd like to tell you about the cat of the week, Grace. She was taken in just days ago by Angel's Wish. This poor cat had a dog collar put on her and the collar got stuck under her arm, which happens often when dog collars are put on cats. The collar was stuck like this for some time and caused a serious wound. WARNING:GRAPHIC PHOTOS

Grace-Armpit wound. Photo courtesy Barb Johnson

A wonderful family in Grenora saw Grace crying by their home and the little frozen kitty ran right up to the young boy Carson (the cat whisperer.) He picked her up and brought her inside to his mom Drew. Drew was in shock and distraught wondering how long has this poor cat been like this and outside in this brutal weather.

They carefully removed the collar and saw the awful separation under the kitty’s armpit. This poor young girl has been in pain for quite a while, not to mention she is skinny she has frostbite on her ears, which is painful as well. We have no idea how long she has been like this, but her armpit is ripped open.
Grace armpit wound. Photo courtesy of Barb Johnson
Grace was seen at Western Vet Clinic in Williston and here's what they had to say.
She is over a year old She is very malnourished and only weighs 6lbs. Her ears are frostbit. Her armpit is severely infected She did have a litter of kittens not sure when.
They cleaned the infected armpit, did an ultrasound, spayed her, clipped her frostbit ears and gave her shots.

Grace is healing and settling in nicely to Angel's Wish. After all that she's been through she deserves a forever indoor home and is up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting please call Barbara at 701-570-4513 or Ardith at 701-300-3930 to set up a visit. Help us find Grace people!

The best part is when you adopt one cat, you are actually saving two because Angel's Wish is able to take another into their care. There is always something happening and as a non-profit organization they rely on community support. They are so appreciative of volunteers and donations.  They operate on donations only. Angel's Wish TNR has been run by Barbara Phillips and Ardith Favorite since 2019. Two people in the community who saw a need and they did something about it.

Angel's Wish currently has 10 cats that they are trying to place in forever homes. Tractor Supply of Watford City is a collection spot for supply donations. If you are shopping and pick up some cat supplies be sure to tell the clerk that you want to donate to Angel's Wish. Besides adopting, volunteering and donating, the best way you can support them is by spaying and neutering your pets in order to help control the pet population.

If you would like to donate to help cover Grace's medical bill at Western Vet Clinic, click the links below.
Please add to the note GRACE'S MEDICAL BILLS

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