Even though winter can be horrible sometimes, there's always one thing that I can look forward to this time of year. Girl Scout cookies! The Girl Scout Cookies are available from January 18 through March 5, 2023 and cost $5 ($6 for gluten free). You can order them online, but the best way to buy cookies is to purchase them from a local Girl Scout. The cookie sale prep helps them build life skills. The whole experience is very empowering .

As early as 1917, Girl Scouts started preparing and selling cookies. These were baked at home at the time. The Girl Scouts started giving bakers permission to produce their cookies for them in 1936. Girl Scouts of the USA says it licenses two commercial bakeries to make its popular cookies. Those bakeries are ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers.
There are several cookies that both bakeries make, and several other cookies unique to one bakery or the other. Each bakery makes the cookies they share with slight differences in names, recipes and ingredients, even though the cookies are still largely the same. So depending on where you live, you're getting a very different cookie experience. While the bakeries have some flexibility in the kinds they can provide, three cookies must be offered: Trefoils, Do-si-dos and Thin Mints. A new Girl Scout Cookie flavor was introduced this year, it's Raspberry Rally™, a thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in chocolaty coating. 
Girl Scout Cookie sales will end on March 5th, so if you're out and about be sure to pick up a box or two of your favorites. I have a strategy to buying cookies. When I'm out  shopping and I know I'll run into more than one Girl Scout, I purchase one box from each scout. By the end of the season, I have quite a stockpile of cookies! I'll only eat one or two boxes right away and save the rest. I'll have a couple of boxes during the summer, and finish the rest before they expire in September. That way it's only 4 short months until they go on sale again!

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