Alright ladies, Valentine's Day is getting really close. If you have things buttoned up for your sweetheart this year, you are in a good place. If you're struggling with ideas of what to get your man for the big day, I might be able to offer some suggestions.

Crates For Guys will take most of the work out of something fun. This site offers something every guy will enjoy. Click here to check things out.
Jerky Heart

Jerky Heart - From Whiskey Maple to Root Beer Habanero, this collection packs enough tender love to make his stomach swoon with scandalously savory flavor. Click here to get details.
Booze-Infused Snacks

Booze-Infused Snacks Crate - This crate offers several booze-infused snacks for him to enjoy. Craft beer & pretzel caramels, Jamaican lager peanuts, gin & tonic chocolate bar, Bailey's Irish Cream loaf cake, and bourbon gummy bears.


Chocoholic Crate - This delectable gift includes chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-covered chips, chocolate-covered cookies, chocolate-drizzled caramel corn (OMG), and chocolate-covered fruity gummy bears.

These things are just fun suggestions. Maybe you want to go in another direction.

Bouquets For Guys

The Beef Bouquet is another last-minute site that takes the work out of shopping for your favorite fella. Click here to check things out that the Manly Man has to offer.
The Beef Bouquet

The Beef Bouquet - This arrangement includes an assortment of individually packaged gourmet beef sticks.
The Bacon Bouquet

The Bacon Bouquet - This arrangement includes an assortment of individually packaged thick-cut slices of gourmet bacon... not the regular grocery store stuff, cooked in mama's kitchen.
The Bloody Mary Kit

The Bloody Mary Kit -This kit will take your Bloody Mary to the next level. Directions to make the perfect Bloody Mary: Rim glass with Demitri’s Bacon RimShot, mix tomato juice, vodka, and Demitri's all-natural seasoning mix. Garnish with olives and a beef jerky flower (vodka not included).

The Kit Includes:

  • 1x Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet
  • 1x Manly Man Co. Pint Glass
  • 1x Manly Man Co. Coaster.
  • 1x Bottle of Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning (8 oz)
  • 1x Demitri's Bloody Mary Bacon Rim Shot
  • 8x Spanish Manzanilla Olives
  • 1x Mini Tabasco Bottle
  • 1x Can of Tomato Juice

Remember, these are just some fun suggestions. You can always make your own with a unique spin. Shop your local stores for something fun too. They always have something fun for Valentine's Day!

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