So, ever since Dr. Seuss unleashed the Grinch, that green, holiday-hating guy whose heart did a three-size upgrade, we've all been hooked.

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And would you believe it? This story's gotten not one, not two, but three major movie makeovers! But hey, which Grinch do you reckon steals the show as North Dakota's favorite?

Researchers at SellEasy wanted to know which Grinch each state prefers - The Original 1966 version, Jim Carey's iconic 2000 version, or the updated 2018 animated version voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch. They used Google Trends to determine each state's favorite.

The 1966 Grinch still rocks the house in 18 States

North Dakota and Montana residents love the OG 1966 version! Apparently Christmas classics are their thing.

But, hold on! Jim Carrey’s Grinch claims the crown in 18 States too

Not everyone's vibing with the classics! Jim Carrey’s wild take on the Grinch in that 2000 live-action flick? It's got its own fan club, matching the 1966 version's popularity across 18 states including Minnesota and Wyoming. Talk about a close competition!

And wait for it, the 2018 Grinch shines in 15 States

But hey, don’t sleep on the new kid on the block! The animated 2018 version called simply The Grinch? It's nabbed the top spot in 15 states, places like Idaho, Nebraska and Iowa are waving the banner for this fresh-faced Grinch.

Seems like no matter the era, the Grinch always finds a way to sneak into our hearts, right?

Let us know which version you like best!

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