Ever had a car recall notice pop up? It happens when something's off with your vehicle—maybe a faulty part or a design hiccup. But here's the thing: when automakers find these issues, they're obliged to fix them, and guess what? It's on the house!

But here's the issue: many of us miss these recall notices. That means there are loads of cars out there with potentially risky problems that could've been sorted for free. Enter the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's "Vehicle Safety Recalls Week." It's a heads-up event that happens twice a year, including this spring from March 4-10.

During this week, the NHTSA is nudging all of us to check for recalls—kind of like a quick pit stop while resetting your clocks for daylight saving time this Sunday.

Last year alone, there were over a thousand recalls, affecting about 40 million vehicles and even gear like car seats. Surprisingly, a big chunk of these recalls never get fixed. In fact, nearly a third of vehicles recalled in 2018 were still unfixed by 2021.

Checking for recalls is a breeze. Just hop onto NHTSA.gov/recalls or use the SaferCar app. Remember the Takata airbag recall? It started over a decade ago, yet millions of cars are STILL out there with this potentially fatal flaw.

Bottom line for us North Dakota and Montana drivers: knowing about a recall can literally save lives. So, take a minute to check your car—twice a year—because you never know, there might be a free fix waiting to make your ride safer.


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