Welcome to the 'Furry Friend Feature,' where we highlight an adorable pet in search of their forever home.

Say Hello to Zeus- Cat of the Week at ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch in Williston.

In June 2018, on a stormy night, Zeus was discovered outside an apartment complex. Despite the obvious emotional challenges he must have faced, Zeus displayed a remarkable calmness, almost as if he knew he had been rescued. Even in his thin state, his handsomeness shone through.

Today, Zeus has blossomed into a well-rounded, older but still striking tabby. The word that best describes him is "gentlemanly." He adores affection and is an expert cuddler. Children find a special place in his heart, and he appears to coexist harmoniously with dogs and other feline companions.

Zeus is undeniably a wonderful cat deserving of a loving home to spend his golden years. Will you be the one to provide him with the safe and caring environment he deserves?

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Zeus is neutered, litterbox trained and up to date on vaccines.

If you have room in your home and in your heart, please adopt Zeus. He's been patiently waiting almost six years to find his forever family.

For more information email arrr5292@gmail.com

ARRR Cat of the Week for October 18: Zeus

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