Tragedy stuck Williston Monday night. 4 Lives were taken too soon. Some are still fighting for their lives and sadly, families are left to go on without their loved ones.

Williston is known as a community that takes care of its own and gives unconditionally. Things are already moving along to help those affected by what took place on Monday night. The words "What can I do" have been said, and we are all assisting where we can.

This Sunday, April 9th, there will be a vigil at the Raymond Family Community Center to shower these families with love, support, and prayer.

One family has a meal train set up & organized by his wrestling team - monetary donations to this family can also be made here. Benefit/help accounts have been set up, so we wanted to pass along the links.

Other ways to help

Caffeinated, has graciously offered a way for this love to directly reach the families affected. So THIS FRIDAY, April 7th - Let’s mob Caffeinated! They will be splitting 50% of all sales between the 5 families affected by this week’s tragedies. They will also have stickers made by Shirtworx, LLC for purchase with 100% of proceeds donated to the families. Shirtworx also has an online store where you can purchase items 100% of the profit will also go towards the families. Click here to order.
This is just the start. We will keep you posted as more help is offered. Please let us know things being done in the community to help. Drop me an email at with anything going on to help these families.

This is why I truly love this community. Mayor Kulg said it best. "We will do whatever we can to support those families, as well as the residents of the city of Williston that are going through this tragedy. We will get through this together because that’s what Williston does.” We will indeed.

This is a lot to go through by yourself. If you're struggling, reach out to state resources here.


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