Want better sleep? Head to California.

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A massive survey went digging into the sleep habits of folks all across the U.S. The survey of 5,000 Americans, split evenly by state, asked respondents about the average quality of their sleep, how many high-quality nights of sleep they receive in a week and the number of hours they average per night.

Guess who aced the sleep game? California took the crown for the best sleep vibes. The rest of the top 5 sleep-friendly states? They're all on the East Coast. South Carolina and New York snagged second and third place, and there's a tie for fourth between Maryland and New Jersey. North Carolina rounded out the top 5.

North Dakota shared a decent 33rd place with Utah and Vermont. But Montana took the cake for the worst sleep vibes, snagging the 50th spot. Yep, dead last. That's a big wake-up call, Montana!

Commissioned by Herbalife and conducted by OnePoll, the survey revealed there’s still a lot left to desire when it comes to respondents’ sleep.

More than half of the folks surveyed, no matter where they lived, couldn't remember the last time they had a "perfect night" of sleep. And a whopping 78% drew a blank when it came to recalling their last "perfect week."

How can you improve your sleep in 2024?

Make bedtime and morning routines more consistent, take time away from screens before bed, eat less in the evening before bed, and try brushing your teeth earlier.

So, experts recommend that adults sleep between seven and nine hours a night, how many hours are you getting?

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