ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch is a large animal sanctuary serving Williston, North Dakota and surrounding areas. Sanctuary means that they are a safe, long-term home usually until end of life. ARRR is also a cat rescue, shelter and adoption facility.
ARRR is full and will not be accepting any new intakes until further notice. Instead they work to find homes for the cats currently in their care. The number of animals remains small so that they can focus on quality care.
I am a huge advocate for adopting animals from local rescues and shelters because adopting saves lives.
I'd like to tell you about ARRR's Cat of the Week - Thaddeus!
Thaddeus is only 13 weeks old. He has been at the ARRR sanctuary since before his eyes were open. His mom is a very shy kitty, however Thaddeus is not! He has lots on his mind and he'd love to tell you all about it. Like most kittens, Thaddeus is playful and wants your attention.
This little boy deserves a home and so far, no one has shown interest in him. Statistics show that black cats are less likely to get adopted, but that's not fair for this little guy! We'd love to see the right person take a step towards beating the statistics by giving Thaddeus a home!
We all know that black cats are viewed by many as bad luck. That's nonsense! In many countries and cultures, black cats are a symbol of good luck. This superstition is a curse to these beautiful, sleek animals as they are the last ones to be adopted and sometimes subject to abuse, especially around Halloween. Help us reverse the curse. Black cats can be lucky too. I have 3 mini panthers at home. (Tiny, Blackie and recent rescue Salem)
Thaddeus will be neutered when he is old enough and weighs enough (2 pounds). All of the cats at ARRR Rescue are spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations. If you have room in your home and in your heart, please adopt an ARRR cat.

Would you like to help the cats?  There's a donation box set up at Tractor Supply in Williston for ARRR. If you want to purchase cat food & supplies just place them in the box near the cash registers/entry of the store. As a non-profit rescue, they very much appreciate any community donations and support.

For adoptions and donations or to find out about volunteering or fostering. Click on the link below.
ARRR has limited staff. The ranch is located in NW, Williston, ND. Visits to the ranch are by appointment only through their Facebook page.

ARRR Cats Need Homes ASAP

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